On-Premises and Hybrid Solutions

We designed our Small Business Solution (SBS) based on the fantastic Microsoft Small Business Server product that ran from 2000 all the way through to 2011.

Active Directory to help provide a secure environment that utilizes Group Policy. File and Print Services delivers the right data and printers to the right users every time.

Mail flowing via Microsoft Exchange Server with all of the necessary distribution lists and shared Public Folders. We’ve been doing on-premises mail with Exchange since the late 1990s. It’s really not that hard!

Who says Exchange Server is Hard? Not us!

RemoteApp and Shared Desktops for users to access via virtually any device anywhere an Internet connection is to be found.

Your data stays in your business. This means full control over access and recovery in the event of a disaster.

Your Data from Gigabytes to Terabytes to Petabytes!

We specialize in designing and migrating solutions around:

  • Active Directory
    • Group Policy, DNS, and DHCP
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
    • Mail on-premises as has, and still is, a viable option for the data sensitive business
    • We deploy any Exchange Server version with a preference for the latest
    • We migrate from Exchange Server 2003 and up
  • File and Print Services
    • Your data, your business, your location
    • File Services Resource Management reporting
    • Print Services Resource Management, Deployment, and Driver Stability
  • Remote Desktop Services
    • Deliver your business apps to virtually any device anywhere an Internet connection is to be found
    • Shared Desktop Access provides a uniform experience for all users
  • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Deploy and maintain SQL Server for front end Line of Business applications
    • Migrate SQL Server databases and apps
  • Security
    • Two-Factor Authentication to further protect all internal systems
    • Hidden Folders from users with no permissions
    • Software Restriction Policies to help mitigate or prevent a ransomware infection
  • Hyper-V Virtualization Platform
    • Utilize your hardware’s abilities with room to grow over the solution’s lifetime
    • From basic workloads to ultra-performance we’ve got you covered.

Cloud Resilience On-Premises

And of course we’ve been designing cloud like resilience into our on-premises solutions since Windows Server 2008 came out!

We provide redundant systems so that you keep working if something fails.

High Performance Systems without the Cloud Cost.

Azure Stack HCI 2-Node Cluster Node
Storage Spaces Direct Cluster Node