HA Partnership

One of our specialties is providing our High Availability (HA) Solutions to I.T. shops that need help providing service resilience for their client’s workloads. We’ve been providing these services to I.T. companies since 2008/2009.

Our operating principle is simple and straightforward: We are your technician and remain so for the duration of the contract and afterwards.

Some services we provide are:

  • HA Kepler-47 for on-premises and Hybrid Cloud Services
    • Perfect for client sizes ranging from 5-10 seats and up
    • Starting at 25K IOPS @ 70% Read and 30% Write with 660MB/Second Throughput
  • HA Kepler-64 for on-premises and Hybrid Cloud Services
    • 2 to 16 Nodes
    • Customized for workload specific performance
    • Ranging from 25K-250K IOPS or 1GB-10GB/Second Throughput
  • Ultra-Dense HA Storage
    • 1.2PB+ of storage per 4U enclosure
    • 2-3 storage nodes providing Scale-Out File Server HA shares
    • Great inexpensive Veeam ReFS on Storage Spaces backup target
  • Our Cloud Desktop and App Solution
    • Full Tenant Isolation
    • Runs on our on-premises HA solution or in any Cloud
    • Unique and Dedicated Active Directory
    • Unique and Dedicated Exchange Server Services
    • Remote Desktop Services (RDS) virtualized desktop
    • RDS virtualized applications – RemoteApp
    • Device Agnostic

Ask us how we can help!